Honey for everyone and for every season!

Honey for everyone and for every season!

Who doesn’t like to treat themselves with a sweet tooth? But what if I tell, you can replace your sugar with the healthier option? Yes, this is possible and for everyone who’s looking for the nutritional option to treat yourselves with sweet tooth, here you go. And among the varieties of honey, here we talk about not-so-popular-but-beneficial honey for the honeylicious treat!

From the stories of honey hunters to the stories of climbing great heights in extracting the local sweetness, wild cliff honey is definitely the nature’s greatest gift to the mankind. Wild cliff honey is an exotic Himalayan product that is extracted from nectars of varieties of rare plants, flower and Ayurvedic herbs found in the Himalayas of Nepal.

And Nepal is not just popular for its surreal mountains and scenic beauty but inside those Himalayas lies a hidden paradise for the exotic honey possibly finding in only few places in the earth. A tradition turning into a modern world product, the villagers of Gurung valley in the Himalayas of Nepal, have tied them together with the bees in extracting the goodness of rich and raw honey. The terrifying process doesn’t seem terrifying enough for those farmers who have converted their tradition into the process of livelihood.

This underrated honey found in the Himalayas is the sweetest elixir collected from the hives of wild cliff bees. Since, the Himalayan range is dominated by the nectar of Rhododendron flowers found in the Himalayan belts suck the nectar of Rhododendron, the purity of the flower results the honey to be strong and beneficial. However, honeybees make several types of honey depending on the season and elevation of the flower that produce the nectar they consume since, Rhododendrons are only available for 4-5 months a year.

The story of extraction gets denser and scarier with every inch of getting closer to the hive. The difficulty of extraction is worth tasting the honey for. Not just the taste, but the nutritional values aids weight to the admiration of the honey. Pulsing into the great mass of thousand giant honey bees guarding the gallons of sticky, reddish fluid known as Himalayan cliff honey, which, thanks to its properties is worth taking risks for.

The enormous beneficiaries of the honey are miscalculated into describing it as the mad honey however, the consumption of cliff honey boosts immunity and aids in weight loss and maintenance, improves stamina, purifies the blood and prevents from chronic heart diseases, alleviates weakness in the nervous system and boosts memory power, also destroys the parasites in case of being bitten by insects, snakes and scorpions. From treating sleep disorders to headaches and pains, possibly the natural and best way to be treated is just packed inside a jar.

No matter the season and weather, local honey can be quite handful and nutritional substitute to the medicines we consume every day. How not best to sweet treat yourself with the best medicinal values than? So, let’s celebrate those hardworking bee hunters who make it possible- we preserve and bottle the purity and hard work to bring forward the best local taste of honey to you.

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