About Us

Everest Organic is a home built on a foundation rooted deeply in Nepali origin. It brings together Himalayan farmers, skillful craftsmen, nutrition experts, and environmentally concerned individuals, creating a synergy for eco-friendly and sustainable business.

Everest Organic Home closely works with value-based communities. We treasure the authenticity of locally produced products that significantly contribute to building a conscious way of good health and well-being. We hope to make this a collective movement that will connect local communities with the global market to embrace the path of sustainability.

Our Ethos

The ethos of Everest Organic Home lies on protecting as well as promoting the community and the earth. It does so by developing a strong value-chain among the stakeholders involved in the process –from the production to the end consumers—in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. This is how it brings together the producers and the consumers who embrace sustainability as a way of life.

Following terminologies define our ethos precisely:

Everest Organic Home takes its pride in the authentic high-value products from Nepal, which have traditionally been in use for ages for promoting good health and well-being. We are committed to promoting authentic Nepali high-value products globally.

One of the key ethos of Everest Organic Home believes in is in making everyone involved with the business, from the producers to the consumers, responsible for the protection and care of our only earth. It encourages our stakeholders to make informed choices that cause no unnecessary harm to the environment.

Everest Organic Home ensures that all its products are made are under safe, fair, and humane conditions. It is also willing to share information about our suppliers across the supply chain. It leaves no stone unturned in ensuring transparency and accountability.

Everest Organic Home works closely with local communities, who are the masters behind our products. It connects the locally produced Nepalese products with the global market. This not only supports local communities but also brings the Nepali tradition and heritage to the international stage. It helps consumers access to the products all the way from the Himalayas.

Brand Promise

We couldn’t have come so far without the blessings of Mother Nature and the support of our honey hunters and farmers . So we strive hard to hold ourselves to the highest social and environmental standards.

We utilize sustainably sourced ingredients and recyclable packing materials. We support our farmers and communities through our different community based projects and programs by focusing on three critical areas - health, safety, and education - our mission is to impact the lives of our farmers and communities through direct financial contributions, development projects, and environmentally sustainable production practices.

Core Values

For a product to maintain its naturality, it should not lose its authenticity. Therefore, we bring forth only natural products with no alterations mixed into them. Throughout the making of each of our products, we only use traditional methods. Traditional methods mean we use little to no modern techniques in producing our products.

The traditional approaches have been prevailing for a long time. And it is only by such practices, we can indulge in natural products in their pure and pristine form. We ascertain to use no chemical pesticides - that in any way can degrade the quality of our products. For us, aligning with the planet and the beliefs of our customers is of core importance. By only bringing out natural products, we ensure to sustain a safe and sound planet.

Adopting sustainability measures is to protect our planet and people. We immensely believe in providing enriching care for the environment and each individual residing in it. The planet earth lets us confide in it: lets us contain within her embrace. Therefore, as a means to honour her, we practice sustainable habits such as eco-friendly packaging, going green, and only working on natural products.

To take sustainability to a higher impeccable notch, we only select materials that line in order with the well-being of our customers and the planet Earth. We at Everest Organic Home encourage growth and change for the better. We hope to contribute to a better world whether by bringing a change about an ounce or in bundles. We believe in giving back the love and support to our planet with the same intensity as we receive from her.

When we began our journey, we had two substantial causes on our minds. One was to protect the environment and people, and another was to introduce Nepalese products on the global market. Since we claim we provide only natural products, it is mandatory for us to only bring about the most authentic products. And this is why we collaborate with the local communities as we know they are the masters behind these products.

Not only do we collaborate, but we also share half the profit generated with them and their families. Although they are the creators behind the high-graded local products, they lag in economic conditions. Therefore, we work to provide them with better and upgraded life facilities. We contribute to their health facilities, education, and basic daily-life needs. For us, each and every individual involved in our joint effort to create a change matters.