Our Brand Stories

Honey Hunters

Honey hunting is a practice or art that has existed for ages in the Gurung tribe. They undergo intense training starting at a young age. When they reach adulthood, they decide to make hunting their job. Without giving care about getting injured by falling or stings of bees, they carry on collecting honey. They walk on the flimsy ropes to perform the art of honey hunting with a basket or a wooden stick.

Tea Farmers

Nepal has a massive production potential for tea. Mainly the Sakhejung town of Ilam district has been a hub for various teas like green, black, or white tea. Its suitable climate and weather aid the high-graded quality of tea. The Sakhejung farmers handpick the tea leaves and thus craft them beautifully. The farmers put all their hearts into harvesting, processing, and cultivating the tea. For them, it has been a good and staple source of income for generations

Coffee Farmers

The Dudh Pokhari Village of Lamjung district is the hub for coffee cultivation. At an intimidating height of 4,100, Nepali coffee is harvested. Coffee farmers play a significant role in the entire coffee production process. The farmers use organic methods without any chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Also, from growing the beans to drying them, from exporting the beans to roasting them. As a result, our coffee beans are free of any and all sugar and preservatives.

Black Cardamom Farmers

It's interesting to note that Nepal is the top producer and exporter of highly premium large cardamom worldwide. It is grown in the Lamjung district, where the farmers carefully nurture the plant and harvest it. They dry the large cardamom over a steam and low fire that results in it being sour and smoky in flavour. Embracing the tough hard work, the farmers frequently work to cultivate cardamom of the best kind.