Bulk & Private Label

We are offering solutions providing bulk products and/or private label branding for our organic products in several different shapes/sizes. With sophisticated equipment, trained workforce, and years of packaging experience we have simplified the procurement and private label process for our customers. We are a single stop shop to source organic products , launch your brand, and boost your sales across the worldd.

Start Your Brand With Us

We bring natural products of highest quality directly from source and stock hundred of items in our facility that are ready to ship.

We are proud to be a community based organization and source all our ingredients ethically and sustainably in small batches. Our fast rotation of ingredients through bulk supply, and private labelling infact helps preserve the quality as well as freshness of our products and guarantees you the peace of mind when entrusting us as your supplier of choice.

Private Labeling

If you are someone looking to create your private label, we have your back. We provide various premium packaging styling for your honey- either in glass or plastic.