Photograph Credit: Kathmandu Post

Nepal is one of the ideal countries with suitable environment for the coffee production. Arabica beans, which covers 70% of the world’s coffee market, are also grown in Nepal. Over 70% of beans grown in Nepal are exported to America, Japan and Europe while remaining 30% is traded in the domestic market.

100% organic certified,
and high quality organic coffee bean
Grown and harvested responsibly, without use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides


It improves energy levels and make you sharpers.
It helps you burn fat.
The caffeine contained in our coffee activates physical performance. 
It subsides  your risk of type II Diabetes.
The Coffee prevents heart disease and helps lower the risk of stroke.

Our Coffee beans are not cheap to buy. The reason is:
They are better roasts and the quality is on par with roasts.
The export of coffee beans in Nepal is yet to become lucrative as the demand is high.
At the time, our coffee in the domestic market is on high demand.