Himalayan Cliff honey is made up of nectar collected from delicate blossoms of rhododendron and wild flowers in the Himalayas. For thousands of years, Nepalese have used honey for medicinal values and grayanotoxane’s toxic effects .
We deliver you the potent and mystical delicacy of raw, exotic and tonic honey.  

Why Himalayan Cliff  Honey? 

Himalayan Cliff honey called “Mad Honey” falls in one among the 10 rarest honey found in the world.  As this honey is produced by the Himalayan Bees (which are the largest bees in the world), it makes it special for its values – hallucinogen and medicine. Since the largest bee collects the nectar from poisonous flowers from Annapurna Mountain region, its properties contain hallucinogenic and medicinal effects. 
Traditionally, this honey has been proven to be a panacea to cure almost all diseases due to its medicinal values (antiviral and antibacterial properties and perfect tonic for boosting immune system). With its psychedelic and hallucinogenic values, this honey can get the consumers naturally high when compared with alcohol.

This is why, this kind of honey is on high demand. However, the unhealthy commercialization is somehow responsible for losing its authenticity. The consumers’ quest for the authentic “Mad Honey” has inspired us to offer the authentic honey, which goes by “HIMALAYAN CLIFF HONEY” brand.  

Our Credentials 

We are a team hailing from the parts of the Annapurna regions where we have grown up in the communities observing the culture and tradition of honey hunting.  However, the tradition of honey hunting is on the verge of extinction gradually. We are here to maintain a value chain to promote the honey hunting tradition. 

More than a business, it is purely a social enterprise for us as we help the honey hunting community to raise and nurture their family and children. We strongly believe in maintaining authenticity without any kind of adulteration.

In a short span of time, we have earned the credibility of the customers with the authentic and organic product. We have established ourselves to be the most trustworthy company with a substantial number of regular customers home and abroad. We extend our sincere gratitude toward them in believing us and motivating us to grow with authenticity.