Mad Honey from Nepal

Mad Honey from Nepal

Raw and exotic mad honey from Nepal, as we like to call “Madness in the Mouth” is the sweetest way to get high, thus, giving it a name hallucinogenic hone’. It is also addressed by other names as raw honey, red honey, and cliff honey.

Around 2 century ago, the brave tribesman of Gurung and Ghale left in search of a new settlement, and in this journey, they found an agricultural valley surrounded by the giant hills- home of the world’s largest bees, Apis dorsota laboriosa.

Psychedelic/Hallucinogenic property of Honey

Nectar of Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron ponticum which are used by these bees to produce honey contains grayanotoxin aka andromedotoxin which adds a dramatic effect to the honey result in shooting, calm mood, and reduction of anxiety and insomnia by modifying the voltage-gated sodium channels rendering the cells in depolarized or activated state.

Other health benefits of this honey are

– Increases sex drive

– Stress reliever treats insomnia

– Antioxidant

– Supplements minerals- Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Iron, and Magnesium.

– Anti-cancerous

– Lowers hypertension

– Control diabetes millitus

– Anti-microbial effects

– Treats endocrine disorders

– Hepato-protective

– Anti-inflammatory property

– Relieve abdominal/gastric pain

This honey is natural, non-processed directly from the honeycomb and free from adulteration and pollution!

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