Promoting Nepali Products 

We are committed to promoting authentic Nepali products globally. We at Everest Organic Home sell the authentic Nepali products – Himalayan Cliff Honey, Shilajeet, Saffron, Essential Oils, Organic Tea and Coffee — home and abroad.

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship   

Social Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of Everest Organic Home. All those who are involved and associated with us, from the farmers to the retailers, are social entrepreneurs. We provide our members and stakeholders a platform to grow their enterprises. 

People, Plants & Planet before Profit

More than profit, we believe in the well-being of people, plants and the planet. We equally value  the people, from the farmers to customers; plants which our products are from and the planet though eco-friendly services. 

Eco-friendly Management and Delivery

We aspire to be an eco-friendly company. We have adopted eco-friendly packaging, which consists of recycled or renewable materials that are safe and sustainable for both the people and the planet. We are committed to produce little to no environmental waste.