Our Journey

The beginning


Childhood, seen, experienced Later realized its potentials and exposed to the world


Setting up a company, Brand values

In 2015, we first ran across the Wild Cliff Honey in the village of Lamjung, we were intrigued by its potential. Hence, we decided to dig further into the product to be taken aback by its pure wastage. We realised the honey has impeccable medicinal properties, but only a few people were aware. Disappointed and determined, we worked on giving recognition to the wholesome honey.

2016 - 2018

In 2016, we registered our first company under Everest Organic Home to promote natural, eco-friendly, and local Nepalese products like the mad honey. Initially, when we started our little venture - we had to pass through different hurdles. One primary obstruction - was having no clear policies about the export system in Nepal. Since we were the first company to export mad honey in Nepal, we had no appropriate guidance. But in subsequent months, we could finally export the product with consistent effort.

2018 - 2019

After our success in introducing Mad honey to the global market, we realised a massive demand that the local Nepalese products hold in the Nepali product. We next decided to explore and research more about the products that held intrinsic values. In the same time frame, we added two brand-new products Everest Shilajit and Everest Saffron to our product pipelines. Both the products had an exceptional to being the most prized products in the international market.

2019 - 2020

At this stage, we had three products, a global market reach, and ample supply each month. But we were looking forward to thriving more. We later launched all the three products to major e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others to export in bulk. Despite the pandemic, the supply volume was surprisingly higher than in previous years.

2020 - 2022

After our realization of the exponential market value of the local products, we dived deeper into finding such products. Meanwhile, we also worked on efficient marketing and branding for our existing products. Although there are still some unclarified policies on the export system, we are working every day to make the process more convenient and smooth. These natural products are limited but their demand is high in the market - hence it is also an obstruction for us to balance the proportion. Therefore, we are encouraging our farmers and enabling more manufacturing of the products.



We believe we have played a part in breaking the barriers. But we don’t want to stop now since we are coming up with a few more high-graded products that align with our values and can - in the truest sense bring change. Day by day, we try to better ourselves and the world around us by doing what we believe in. We have a strong notion of creating a safe and sound environment and are doing our best to abide by it.