Nepal is a home of thousands of herbs and spices which have been in use for good health and well-being.

We at Everest Organic Home preserve and promote the treasure right from the Himalayas and offer you the most authentic organic products. 

home for authentic high value products

Everest Organic Home is a home for the authentic organic high value products from Nepal, which have traditionally been in use since ages for promoting good health and well-being. We are committed to promoting authentic Nepali high value products globally.

a social enterprise rather than a business.

Social entrepreneurship is our cornerstone. All the persons involved and associated with us, from farmers to retailers, are social entrepreneurs. We not only create a platform but also build on an entrepreneurial ecosystem for members & stakeholders to grow together.

people, plant and planet before Profit

Everest Organic Home grew out of passion among a team of young social entrepreneurs and activists to promote authentic Nepalese products. Before profit, we value more to the people, from the farmers to customers; plants which our products are from & the planet.

Here is a trigger:

As the consumers’ quest for authentic products across the globe grows, there is an unhealthy commercialization, leading to lose authenticity. 

Inspired and motivated by the consumers’ quest, we are committed to promote authentic organic products globally with our values and ethics in place.  

Here goes our story:

We started our entrepreneurial journey with the honey –Himalayan Cliff Honey,
the authentic honey from Nepal.

Our valuable customers’ interest and quest for more authentic and organic products of high values from Nepal, we have scaled up our enterprise to offer you more.

Currently, Everest Organic Home  has these products –
Himalayan Cliff Honey, Shilajit, Saffron, Nepali Tea, Nepali Coffee, and Essential Oils.
These products have their varieties with us. 

Our Products

Essential Oils
Everest Shilajit
Himalayan Cliff Honey
Nepali Teas

Click the images of the products to know about them in details and for the purchase.

Everest Coffee
Everest Saffron

We claim to be among the first few Nepali companies in the country and among very few to sell our products globally directly from Nepal.