Raw Honey FAQs

How pure is our Honey?

Our honey is 100% pure wild, raw and organic as we don’t mix anything and is procured on-site and also tested and verified by the food certifying authorities before labeling and packaging.

How long can this honey be consumed?

Our honey can be consumed for more than 4 years. However, it is best to consume before 4 years. As our honey is raw and we do not process it, it can taste slightly different after a year or so or may get crystallized in colder weathers but this is perfectly fine as its features do not change at all.

What are the main benefits of our honey?

Healthy Weight Management.

Improves Sexual Performance

Counters Pollen Allergies.

Cures Sexual health problems

Natural Energy Source.

Antioxidant Powerhouse.

Sleep Promoter.

Wound and Ulcer Healer.

Diabetes Aid.

Natural Cough Syrup.

Anti –Cancer/Cancer healer

Lowers cardiovascular risks

Heals joint pains and strengthens bones

Usage of our Honey

Honey is beneficial and is highly used to cure various health problems related to: Digestion, Sexual Health, Acne, Cholesterol, Allergies, Bad breath, Hiccups, Blood circulation, Weight, Diabetes, Wounds, Plaque, Cough/Sore throat and sleep disorders etc.. Honey is pre-biotic, antioxidant and also used as moisturizer and to cleanse and condition hair and scalp.

Can your honey help in weight loss?

Yes, honey with warm water consumed on a daily basis can purify your blood and help in loosing extra fat stored in your body. To lose weight one can consume this honey with cold/lukewarm water and lemon.

Can honey be fed to infants and children?

No, it is not safe to feed any honey to children who are less than 1 year old as they do not have the necessary ability to digest honey.  Our honey should not be served to children below the age of 16.  We have one of the world's most famous and rare honey:

 Himalayan Cliff Honey  (it is widely used for medicinal purpose and has intoxicating and relaxing qualities; it should not be consumed more than 1-4 teaspoon in 24 hr period. Only one teaspoon at a time. And is best to consume either with Luke-warm water/milk/cheeses/fine yogurts/breads/)

Can your honey be used for cough and cold/sore throat?

Yes, our honey is a perfect remedy for a cough and cold and sore throat as the antimicrobial property of honey will relieve and cure infections in your throat.

Can your honey be used for external wounds?

Yes, our honey is rich in antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which can help treat external wounds.

Can your honey be used as face masks and in cosmetics?

Yes, we also supply honey to cosmetic manufacturing companies. Our honey will work wonders on your face as it destroys any harmful fungus or bacteria present on our skin and also the rich antioxidants will make your face glow.

How can I get your product delivered safely?

You can call us on +977-9803621376

to place your order or visit our store in Nakhu.

You can also place your order via our website or simply drop us an email at eohnepal@gmail.com to get the product safely delivered to you.