Everest Coffee - Roasted Whole Beans

Nepal is one of the ideal countries to produce roasted whole beans(also called Arabica Coffee beans) due to its favourable weather and soil conditions. Therefore, Nepali coffee has been the most well-liked coffee brand, leaving a mark not only in Nepal but all over the world.

Bursted with unique flavour and aroma, these arabica coffee beans cover 70% of the World's coffee market. With its low caffeine content, it can be the best cuppa coffee if you prefer your coffee mild, fruity, and smoother.

More about Everest Coffee - Roasted Whole Beans

With a sugary and chocolate note, the arabica roasted whole beans are more premier and smoother in taste without any added preservatives or sugar. Our coffee beans are grown at Dudh Pokhari Village, Lamjung district at an elevation height of 4,400 feet. The luscious chocolate-brown coloured coffee beans are packed with a wholesome nutritional value for our body and mind. It includes multiple benefits like bettering your low mood, Stimulating better athletic activities, Protecting against Diabetes, Keeping you high on energy throughout the day, Increasing your concentration level, Promote healthy weight loss.

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Why Everest Coffee - Roasted Whole Beans

Our farmers cultivate the roasted coffee beans in the northernmost coffee region in the world - Dudh Pokhari Village of Lamjung district at a frightening height of 4,400 feet. Plus, the cultivation takes place on the Greenwell farm, an ethical farm in Nepal.

The farmers of the Lamjung district take a huge part in the overall process of coffee farming. From planting the beans to drying the beans and from exporting the beans to roasting the beans, the farmers use all-natural approaches without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Therefore, our coffee beans are free of any preservatives and sugar.

Although Nepal is a perfect place to grow coffee, the production is yet low-scale. Therefore, we at Everest Coffee try to balance a sane link between community, environment, and business. Our community participates in saving the environment, i.e. not manipulating or exploiting the natural process of coffee farming. Plus, producing a complete stack of pure coffee beans.


Yes, coffee works a charm for diabetes - especially for people with type 2 diabetes. Regular consumption might lower the effect on glucose and insulin.

Generally, you can drink arabica coffee without adding any milk because milk may lessen the taste of roasted coffee. However, if you still want to add milk, there’s no harm in it. Pour a half cup of milk into the coffee, plus you can serve with the dates alongside the coffee for that sweet flavour.

Yes, we can drink arabica coffee beans every day. Due to its low caffeine content, you can indulge in 4-5 cups of coffee per day, but try not to exceed this amount.

No, the coffee beans won’t expire, but you have to be careful while storing them. Try to store it in an air-tight container - so that it doesn’t lose its taste.

You can store the roasted whole beans by transferring the content into an airtight container. And, finally stored in a cool, dry, and hygienic place.

In comparison to other coffee bean types, arabica coffee is smoother, milder, sweeter, and fruity. Therefore, people of any age can drink this coffee.

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