Why Us?

Some Facts

Why Everest Organic Home?

We are an ethical start-up company committed to good health and well-being of our consumers and positive social and environmental impact.
We are very conscious about the impact of its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. This includes the end product or service, its origins, and how it’s manufactured and distributed. We take pride in being a start-up that is eco-friendly, animal friendly and people-friendly. All of our products we distribute and export are 100% pure and organic.

Why Himalayan Cliff Honey?

This Honey is 100% natural wild raw honey. We work with Gurung tribes and Locals of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan ranges of Nepal forests where tribal Honey hunters collect the Wild Raw Honey from natural Bee Hives in cliffs and trees. It requires special skills to collect this honey and is very hard to collect and very rare due to which its price is comparatively higher. This Honey is made by the Himalayan Giant Honey Bees (Apis Dorsata Laboriosa) from the nectars of rhododendron &  wildflowers of the forests in the Himalayas. The forests of these mountain ranges are rich in medicinal plants and this Honey is highly popular for its medicinal use and is used extensively for Ayurvedic treatments.

Did you know that the taste, flavor and texture of the Honey varies depending on the flowers, season and region from which the Bees collect nectar?

The taste, flavor, and texture vary depending on the flowers from which bees collect nectar. Its taste may also change slightly after 2 years or so but that doesn't affect its quality and benefits. In the case of natural organic raw honey, it’s good to consume before 4 years. Honey is the only food product that doesn't really expire. Wild organic raw honey is highly used for medicinal values and ayurvedic treatments as it has so many benefits for our health and well-being.

But why does normal honey you from super market tastes, smells and feels the same throughout the year?

The honey we buy from the supermarkets and department stores are highly processed and ultra-filtered to standardize its taste, texture and flavor. If the honey is processed it destroys all the natural beneficial properties of the Honey and makes it simply a sweet syrup only which does no good to our body but can cause serious harm and is waste of our money. If honey is heated to more than 45 degrees Celsius all the beneficial enzymes in the Honey gets destroyed. Also the ultra-filtration removes all the pollen from the Honey which is what gives removes it's unique natural taste and flavor.

Our honey is extracted and collected straight from the beehives and then packed in glass jars without any processing. It contains all the natural antioxidants and beneficial enzymes and pollen intact. Try our products to experience real wild raw honey for real benefits on your health.

Honey Hunting in Nepal by National Geographic