About Us

The Organic Farming Trend Is Catching One Are You With It?Everest Organic Home (EOH) grew out of our passion for promoting good health and well-being of all ages.

Inspired by the works of The World Bee Project, IPBES, and Defra UK on "Pollinators, Pollination, and Food Production"; EOH is an ethical organic company registered with the Government of Nepal's Ministry of Industry at the Office of Company Registrar(Regd. No.: 182974/074/075) in Kathmandu.  Besides, it is also registered with the Government of Nepal's Ministry of Industry, Commerce, & Supplies at the Department of Cottage and Small Industries (Regd. No.: 18489/1574/074/075) specifically for the production, packaging, and sales of Himalayan Cliff Honey [ this is the brand name of our honey].

Our VMG:
  • to protect pollinators, people, and the planet (3P);
  • to promote organic food production and consumption for good health and well-being of consumers of all ages in Nepal and beyond.
  • to promote and invest in eco-friendly alternatives for plastic and reduce plastic use.  (#beatplasticpollution)


                                                         We are committed to #SDG3: #goodhealth and #wellbeing

Today’s market is full of foods and resources that has pesticides, chemicals and other harmful substances that directly affects our mental and physical health. We are committed to challenging& replacing the existing market with an organic market where everyone has easy access to healthy and chemical free organic food. Besides, we also are in process of producing organic coffee and tea from the farms located in rural settings far from pollution and human settlements.

  1. EOH is committed to supplying its consumers the best wild organic raw honey with high-quality and excellence in responding to their health needs in order to support their well-being.  
  2. We recognize all our consumers as the ambassadors and partners in our mission to establishing a culture of organic food consumption for good health and well-being locally and globally.  
  3. We educate people about honey bees, beekeeping and how human actions are affecting honey bees and save bees from extinction.
  4. We respond to the health needs of consumers in order to support their well-being by supplying organic products.
Our High Demand Products  and its Brand Names:
  1. Himalayan Cliff Honey
  2.  Everest Organic Saffron
  3.  Everest Organic Shilajit
  4. Everest Organic Yarsagumba
  5. Everest Organic Walnuts
  6. Everest Organic Bamboo Straws

(Note: Any individual/company if found duplicating our product brand name, may be sued and charged with legal penalties)

Himalayan Cliff Honey is 100 % pure wild organic raw honey fresh from the honeycomb produced by Himalayan Giant Honeybees (Apis dorsata laboriosa). We don’t pasteurize, heat or process the honey. As a result, the product contains all its natural and beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes and has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.

Everest Organic Bamboo Straws are made of bamboos and an eco-friendly alternative for plastic straws.

We reinvest our revenues back into the community to produce bamboo straws; protect bees; support and improve rural livelihoods through beekeeping; raise awareness about bees and its importance to humans and the ecosystem.


#Attention: Dear Customers, while buying our products, please always check our company name “Everest Organic Home Pvt. Ltd. and its logo” in the label. If you don’t see our company’s name in the label in any of our products, please report to us directly at eohnepal@gmail.com. // Our product brands are: ‘Himalayan Cliff Honey’; ‘Everest Organic Saffron’; ‘Everest Organic Shilajit’, ‘Everest Organic Yarsagumba’,  ‘Everest Organic Walnuts’; and 'Everest Organic Bamboo Straws'.  //Any individual /company if found duplicating our product brand name, may be sued and charged with legal penalties.