Plants, People & Planet before Profit

We celebrate the mantra “Plants, People, and Planet before Profit” to honor nature. More than a business, the values of Everest Organic Home mainly revolve around this mantra.

Our Products

Black Cardamom
Do you know cardamom is the ‘queen of species'?
Himalayan Cliff Honey
Our Honey is 100% Organic, Pure, and Extracted...
A wonderful blend of texture, aroma, and taste
Coffee Beans
Nepal is one of the ideal countries to produce roasted whole beans
Everest Saffron
Everest Saffron is the first company to brand authentic Saffron from Nepal
Shilajit Resin
Often known as “Conqueror of mountains” and “Destroyer of weakness”
Our Best Selling

Himalayan Cliff Honey

" THE MOST EXOTIC PREMIUM MAD HONEY IN THE WORLD " Our Honey is 100% Organic, Pure, and Extract..

  • Ancient Medicinal Honey
  • Ethically Harvested
  • Presense of Grayanotoxin

About Us

Everest Organic is a home built on a foundation rooted deeply in Nepali origin. It brings together Himalayan farmers, skillful craftsmen, nutrition experts, and environmentally concerned individuals, creating a synergy for eco-friendly and sustainable business.

Everest Organic Home closely works with value-based communities. We treasure the authenticity of locally produced products that significantly contribute to building a conscious way of good health and well-being. We hope to make this a collective movement that will connect local communities with the global market to embrace the path of sustainability.

Blog Posts

Jasmine tea is an exotic type of tea that is filled with a sweet aroma and flavor. Often, Jasmine tea is made with a green tea base. But people also experiment with white tea and black tea as their bases.

A particular species of rhododendron flower, particularly those that can be found in regions of Nepal, produces nectar that bees use to make mad honey. This honey includes a substance called grayanotoxin that can result in a variety of symptoms.

Shilajit is a natural substance that has been used for a long time in traditional medicine in India. It is made from plants and minerals that break down over many years in the cracks of rocks, mostly in the Himalayan and Altai mountains.

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