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For us, sustainability is a way of life. We keep the planet in mind during the whole process, making sustainable choices from plant to package. Our farmers follow organic practices and all of our materials are selected for sustainability.


Our products like Mad Honey are purely organic, with respect for nature and without chemical pesticides. We ensure our products are organically grown, wildcrafted, or certified organic, depending on the cultures and practices of the places across Nepal.


Our products are purely and completely natural. They are free from additives of any kind. Our products are created based on the local best practices to guarantee its purity. The authenticity of our products have been well-certified.


We work with local farmers following traditional practices, creating with integrity and valuing quality over profit. Our farmers invest in land, creating a future for organic products by giving back to the earth more than they take away. So want to buy mad honey, please place your order.

More than a business, it’s purely a social enterprise to promote authentic Nepali products across the globe. In a short span of time, we have earned the credibility from a substantial number of regular customers home & abroad. We extend our sincere gratitude toward them in believing us & motivating us to grow with authenticity.

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Our Mission

  • Promoting Nepali Products

    At Everest Organic Home, we are committed to promoting authentic high-value Nepali products globally.

  • Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Entrepreneurship is our cornerstone. Everest Organic Home is a home to grow social enterprises.

  • Eco-friendly Management and Delivery

    We’ve adopted eco-friendly packaging from recycled or renewable materials that are safe & sustainable for both the people & the planet.

  • People, Plants & Planet before Profit

    More than profit, we highly value people (from farmers to customers), plants (our products are from) & the planet though eco-friendly services.

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Our Involvement/Engagement

We are engaged with all those involved in the value-chain.

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